Featured Products

Quality Hardware and Attention to Detail
At Preferred Contracting Services, we take pride in using only top quality products wherever possible, even down to the very last detail. This is why we use ring-shank coil nails, for instance. Ring-shanks have 50% to 100% stronger holding capacity than do standard smooth-shank nails. Our quality products and attention to detail are how we’ve earned our status as one of the leading contractor’s based out of southwestern PA.

We proudly sell and install only top quality products with proven quality reputations and unmatched warranties. Take a look below at some of our featured products that we can install on your home, adding protection, beauty, and value.

Gutter ProTech®

Imagine never having to clean your gutters again! Gutter ProTech® is a simple and affordable solution to clogged gutters. Gutter ProTech’s® exclusive technology covers your gutters to prevent leaves and debris from entering, yet still permits water to enter as well.

Boral Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is here! There are many styles of metal roofing from which to choose, and a wide variety of beautiful colors are available. These roofs are the longest lasting on the market, and they look great!

We are proud to install top quality shingle products from Boral.

Titanium-UDL™ Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

Titanium-UDL™ is a synthetic roofing underlayment that is of unmatched strength and quality. Titanium-UDL™ boasts a variety of features that make it our product of choice for all of our quality roofs. It is 100% asphalt free, 6 times lighter, and 20 times stronger than standard felt paper. It’s no wonder this product comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

Mastic Metal Products (Gutter)

Mastic gutters and downspouts have become the standard in the industry. Their beautiful style, rugged durability, and overall effectiveness are the reasons these Rain Removal Systems have maintained their reputation of quality for over 30 years. At Preferred Contracting Services, we specialize in the installation of quality metal products.